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My Story

From the young age of 13 I started doing yoga with my Mother. As a teenager I suffered with back pain caused by a slight scoliosis, I also battled with severe anxiety. I was invollved in modelling in my teenage years and yoga helped me to tone, destress and alleviate my back issues. After school I went to study a BA at university but found this was not to be my preffered field of study. So I took the opportunity to make a major change and learn to teach the thing from my childhood that made me happy. Learning to teach others to enjoy my love of yoga.

I studied yoga, took the teacher training course and never looked back . From then it was a natural progression to continue to study more forms of exercise. I see the body made up of mind, body and soul and I wanted to absorb as much as possible to help my clients.I Furthered my studies in Water Rehabilitaion, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Personal Training, Life Coaching, Holstic Nutrition, Kids Yoga and Kids Personal Training. 

I launched Karmically Fused as I belive in giving your body what it needs to achieve the results your want. I belive that good quality food and exercise is what helps you on the way to excellent physical, emotional and mental health. This is my life of healthy living, working and raising my wonderful daughter.


Karmically Fused has operated in the corporate Indusrty for several years with enormous succes. Today the company offers training, wellness and specialised programs.Karmically Fused also runs kids, teen yoga and exercise programs in schools,studios and halls.

Karmically Fused has trademarked Neon Fit Night Out as well as Neon Yoga and Bootcamp Events. 


Neon Events: Neon Yoga and Bootcamp, Neon Fit Night Out

Wellness Days: Various Workshops, Exercise Classes and Retreats

School Children: Yoga

Corporate Classes: Yoga and Bootcamp